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Online Base91 Translator: Encode & Decode Base91

Explore our Online Base91 Translator: the ideal tool for fast, secure data encoding and decoding. Easily manage binary data, compress text, and streamline cross-platform information transfer. Say goodbye to data bloat and hello to efficient data management.

Base91 Translator



What is Base91?

Base91 is a binary-to-text encoding scheme that allows you to represent binary data using a set of printable ASCII characters. It’s similar to Base64 but more space-efficient, making it a suitable choice for encoding binary data in contexts where space is a concern, such as data storage or data transmission. In Base91, each character represents a larger chunk of binary data, which results in a more compact representation.

Base91 Characters

Base91 uses a set of 91 printable ASCII characters to represent binary data. The specific character set used can vary slightly depending on the implementation, but it typically includes the following characters:


Is Base91 an Encryption?

It should be noted that Base91 encoding is not a type of encryption. While it changes the way data is represented, it does not provide security or confidentiality.

How Do I Use the Free Online Base91 Translator?

  1. First, enter text or Base91 data in the Input field.
  2. Then press the “Encode to Base91” or “Decode from Base91” button, depending on which operation you want to perform.
  3. You can see the result in the Output field.
  4. If you wish, you can copy the result of the conversion by pressing the “Copy” button.

Is it Secure to Use Your Base91 Translator?

Absolutely. Our program operates entirely on the client side, which means all the conversion processes occur within your browser. No data is sent to our servers, ensuring that your information remains under your control and confidential throughout the conversion process.